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Deb and me after a recent Revival Service, in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


The Pulpit from which I'm preaching this week. Pray for the Meeting, please. Rock of Ages National Conference in Massillon, Ohio.


TODAY'S NEW bible lesson ...

We are currently surveying the entire Old Testament, one Book at a time. Today it's the Book of First Samuel. You can read all these Lessons, being archived daily, by "clicking" HERE. Those that have been written thus far, I mean. Enjoy!

The Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles sort of "fit" together. These six are pure history, divinely inspired we believe. In some instances they "repeat" each other, as do the Gospels. Seems like, at times, God loves to establish truth in a two-fold, sometimes, three-fold way! Speaking of the Gospels, some miracles and events there are described up to four times!

First Samuel, with 31 chapters, 810 verses, all takes place in the Land of Canaan. It basically records the decline of the Judges (Eli and Samuel being the transition men) and the rise of the Monarchy (Saul and David being the transition men here). In fact, these are the main characters of the Book; Eli, Samuel, Saul and David.

The Book covers a time period of just under one hundred years, ninety-four says one commentary, attempting to be more exact.

Much like the New Testament Book of Acts, First Samuel divides itself into two sections. In chapters 1-12 (again like Acts) the focus is mainly on Samuel, the man. And chapters 13-31 center on Saul, his accession and then rejection by God.

Christ our Lord is portrayed in First Samuel via the lives of both Samuel and David. Samuel was both a prophet and priest, like Jesus! And David was King par excellence, even born in Bethlehem, like our Lord!

I suppose one could surmise, having read First Samuel, that though leaders and governments gradually change ... God overarching Goal remains the same! He is really the One on the Throne!

And that goal is?

The salvation of lost souls ... to the ultimate Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ! To the Glory of God the Father!

I wish some speed-reader, or some diligent Bible student, would today go through First Samuel, every verse. And experience first-hand what God the Holy Spirit impresses on your heart, on your mind, as a result of your perusal of this critical block of Scripture. If anyone does, I'd love to hear your response!

The Bible what a Book!

          --- Dr. Mike Bagwell


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