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Deb and me after a recent Revival Service, in Rockmart, Georgia


TODAY'S NEW bible lesson ...

We are currently surveying the entire Old Testament, one Book at a time. Today it's the Book of Second Chronicles. You can read all these Lessons, being archived daily, by "clicking" HERE. Those that have been written thus far, I mean. Enjoy!

Second Chronicles was once "joined" to First Chronicles, forming just one Book of the Bible. The same can be said for Kings, both First and Second, right along with Samuel for that matter.

I'm glad we have them just like they are, much easier to study and digest. Every bit of every sentence inspired of God!

Second Chronicles, today's "study," covers a time period of 427 years, according to my Scofield Bible. We can be that precise because the lengths, the time spans, of the reigns of the specific Kings are clearly enumerated in the text. Over four centuries of history!

The first nine chapters of First Chronicles' thirty-six chapters discusses the reign of King Solomon, Son of King David and Father of King Rehoboam. Most of these chapters also highlight the building of the Temple. Including Solomon's dedication prayer for the Temple, chapter six, the longest prayer in the Bible!

Then chapters ten through Book's end discuss the remaining Kings of Judah, largely because they reign over the City of Jerusalem. Remember, the Chronicles have a "priestly" interest in society, worshipping God.

Yes, for some reason King Rehoboam gets a lot of attention, too. He was not as wise as his Father. Chapters ten through twelve, all about Rehoboam!

Next come synopses, summaries, of King Abijah and then his son Asa, their administrations. Followed by King Jehoshaphat, then his son Jehoram. Then rules Ahaziah, still in the same family line, the dynasty of David!

Yes, one king after another, some good and some bad and some in-between! All the way down to Zedekiah, the last man on Judah's Throne before Nebuchadnezzar enslaved the whole Nation, taking them away to Babylon!

One could say Second Chronicles takes us from the time of the Building of Solomon's Temple ... right up to the rebuilding of the Temple of Zerubbabel, the post captivity temple of Israel.

Second Chronicles, the story of a disintegrating nation, for the most part a backslidden people.

Beware nations yet today!

Especially America!

God still honors Righteousness.

            --- Dr. Mike Bagwell

While we are not given the name of the human "writer" of this Book, we can accurately call him the "chronicler!" Though some have guessed Ezra to be the historian who left us this material, this accurate history.


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