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Our Newsletter

Here's a copy of our current newsletter.  Sister Norma mails these each month to interested folks around the country.



Dear Friends,

This month completes our first year of mailing these little newsletters to you who have shown interest in our ministry. We particularly needed a way to publish our schedule, and you have responded overwhelmingly. When we take time and look back over this past year we must praise God for all the wonderful things He has done in our lives! He has proved Himself faithful again and again!

Sister Norma and I will be studying in the little Old Testament Book of Amos during the month of April. We would love for you to join us.

This week we received an e-mail from a dear Pastor in Michigan. He wrote that they will begin supporting our work monthly. Praise God for them! Without such supporting friends, we would not be able to meet our regular obligations. We try to express thanks to each of you by mailing you a "Thank You" Bible Study Tape each month. Lord willing, they will be in the mail this week.

As we travel many of you are now telling us that you pray for us daily! That means more than you will ever know! Paul told the Corinthians that they powerfully helped him by means of their prayers! "Ye also helping together by prayer for us." (2 Corinthians 1:11)

To each Pastor who has felt led of the Lord to have us in your Church to preach to your people we sincerely say "Thank You." Please know that we consider this a great honor.

In September of last year the Lord opened the door for us to begin a web-site ministry. Be sure to visit us at drmikebagwell.org (anytime day or night)! If you have not been with us in a while, we have added several new Pages. Our site concentrates on the verse-by-verse study of the Word of God. Sister Norma has a Page for the ladies. They are now studying the New Testament Epistle of James.

Page 2 ... The Bagwell Schedule for April and May:

April 11-14    Consolation Baptist Church of Whitesburg , Georgia, with Pastor Mike Powers

April 15-17    Sugar Camp Baptist Church (Camp Meeting) of Belle Rive, Illinois

April 19-23    Junaluska Baptist Church of Andrews, North Carolina, with Pastor Lewis Welch

April 26-30    Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Rockmart, Georgia, with Pastor Ernie Dodd

May 3-7    Calvary Baptist Church of Tunnel Hill, Georgia, with Pastor Cecil Williams

May 10-12     First Baptist Church of Youth near Snellville, Georgia, with Pastor Wayne Sosebee

May 13-16    Ridge Road Baptist Church of Hiram, Georgia, with Pastor Dwayne Hewett

May 17-21 Liberty Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, with Pastor James Woods

May 24-28    Garlow Line Baptist Church of Ontario, Canada, with Pastor Tommy Baucom

May 31- June 4     Faith Baptist Church of Roanoke, Alabama, with Pastor Carol Partain

If you live anywhere near one of these locations ... you are warmly invited to come worship the Lord with us! It would be a joy to see you again.

We love you in the Lord!

In Christ Jesus,

The Bagwells

1 Corinthians 15:58



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